Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Ferrules

One of the most important components of fiber patch cord and fiber connectors has to be a Ferrule. But what is it? A Ferrule is basically a cap or a ring that is attached to an object so as to safeguard it against wear, splitting and damage. It is generally used together with a connector which then connects the fiber cable either to a receiver, a transmitter or another cable. It could be made of varied materials including stainless steel, plastics and ceramics.

The ceramic ferrule has been a popular choice and is used in optical connectors because of a few desirable properties that it possesses. Another reason why it is favoured over other materials is because ceramic can bond very well to a glass and the expansion coefficient is very close to that of the glass fibers which makes it stable environmentally.

Aspects to Consider when choosing a Ceramic Ferrule

There are quite a few things that you might have to look into before making a purchase.

• Your requirement needs to be determined
• Consider the limit of insertion as well as the reflection loss
• The connector has to be an effective one
• Consider the price of the ceramic ferrule
• Also make sure to look into the polishing method

A few Fascinating Features of a Ceramic Ferrule

It has a Highly Polished surface: a rather smooth polishing is possible because of the presence of Zirconia elements in them. Therefore, you would generally find such ferrules having an excellent surface finish.

Durable: There’s an exemplary control over the dimension. They are thereby considered to be great for the uses of fiber application.

Safeguards against Hot Gases and Abrasives: Ferrules are said to be highly resistant against hot gases and abrasives which is the reason why they are used in shell inlet and heat exchangers.

Convenient Application: Modern technologies have made molding the ferrules an easy task and machining is also rather convenient now.

Water Resistant and Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance: Apart from being resistant to abrasions, ferrules made up of ceramic are also resistant to water. It also excellently resists thermal shocks making it a great choice.

The demand for ceramic ferules is increasing day by day and all for the right reasons. They might be a bit on the pricier side but when we talk about its strength, there’s absolutely no doubt regarding that. The list of advantages that it has it pretty impressive and thus being high in demand regardless of the high price is rightly justified.

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